Taking the horror out of exercise-making. Template-based exercise authoring tool.



Live demos available on wikispaces and source on github.


<img src="/exercist/..img/step1.jpg|Step 1

Use the content editor to specify the exercise content.

<img src="/exercist/..img/step2.jpg|Step 2

Press “Define Position Interactively” to define the top left position for each position. This is done by simple drag and drop of the label to the desired position. Any change in the position of the labels on the image will be automatically reflected in the left and top values of the label.

<img src="/exercist/..img/step3.jpg|Step 3

Press the save button. Specify a folder where to store the exercise, as requested. To use the exercise, simply Key Environmental Inc open the html file in a browser. To publish the exercise on the web, simply upload the html file as well as the “media” folder in a directory. Point to the html file to run the exercise.

Job Done!

Check out the links below for more specific information.

A large sample of exercises

All exercises in the gallery below could potentially be implemented. Open the gallery in a new page

specs editor

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