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Cutouts and Blends
Exploring blends effects on a cutout superimposed on an an image

By: Marielle Lange
Digital NZ Viewer
A rapidly baked proof of concept demonstrating how easy it is to build a mashup in Flex using the DigitalNZ api.

By: Marielle Lange
Image Drop
A simple components with a list of images on the left, a frame on the right and the ability to drag and drop images in the frame.

Based on an example at Flex Quickstart (

By: Marielle Lange
Two Ways Drop
A simple components with a list of String on the left and Right, with the possibility to drag and drop both ways.

By: Adobe Labs


LaBerge's Experiment
Interactive Demonstration of a very simple experiment in Cognitive Psychology

By: Marielle Lange
Language Dominoes
Place Dominoes on the board so that the text on the right side of the tile matches with the image on the left side of the next one

By: Marielle Lange
Matching Exercise
Learning activity where you have to match a text label with an image.

Apr 6 2008. New version uploaded. Changes: Drop accepted when the mouse is anywhere on the target picture. Drop not accepted for an item that has already been attempted. Score updated after each attempt (number correct and number attempted). Code slightly reorganized to avoid the split into TargetList and TargetItem.

Link to the zip file corrected

By: Marielle Lange
Memory Game
Small Game where you have to click in rapid succession on two items of the same value. Only two items are revealed at a time and it is required to memorize the cards and their position to win the game.

By: Marielle Lange
Question and Answer
Let you add a question anywhere on the webpage. The answer is kept hidden until the reader clicks on the "A" button.

By: Marielle Lange
Learning activity where you can show or hide a label at will.

By: Marielle Lange
Type In Exercise
Learning activity where you have to type in the name of a picture.

By: Marielle Lange
Vocabulary list
This widget can be included on any page to provide a vocabulary list that includes text, images, or sound.

By: Marielle Lange
Yahoo Map Activity
Learning activity where you have to request the location of famous places on a map.

By: Marielle Lange


Sprite Animation
Animation sequence defined by a sprite sheet with multiple frames of same width and height

By: Marielle Lange
Animated Sprite moving on a line
Sprite animation combined with movement along a line. The trajectory can be modified by drag-drop of any of the two end points.

By: Marielle Lange
A tangram game that comes with about ten puzzles. Extra puzzles can be added.

By: Marielle Lange
Tile-Based Game
Navigate in the Room. Try and collect all items from a given category

In the demo, you have to click on Count Words (words that have a plural form ending in -s) and avoid to walk over non-Count ones.

Both the map layout and the items to collect are defined in text files, outside of the actionscript code.

Link to the source corrected

By: Marielle Lange


Hopalong Demo
Interactive drawing of hopalongs graphs, a sort of orbit-fractals. Hopalong orbits were discovered by Barry Martin from the Aston University, Birmingham, England. A.K. Dewdney presented the Hopalongs in the magazine Scientific American 1986. Content directly inspired by a page on hopalong fractals at Ulli's Fractal Home (

Flex is surprisingly easy to learn and far easier to manage than the movie clip abstraction of flash. This was done in less than 10 hours, with no prior knowledge of actionscript (except for a simplistic HaXe script written the week-end before).

By: Marielle Lange


Comic Strip Creator
Write a Comic strip using given characters and backgrounds.

The ability to keep an image copy of your toon will be added in the future. For now, best is to use free screen capture programs on your desktop.

Mac users can use Grab, a software that comes bundled with their machine. Using Grab, you can take a "snapshot" or a "screengrab" of any webpage (or any part of a webpage, an image, etc). Note however that Grab only allows you to save the image as a .tiff file. You can use a free program called Toy Viewer ( ) to convert the .tiff file to a .jpg file.

PC users can download a free software called ScreenGrabPro (

By: Marielle Lange
Minimalistic map maker to design RPG maps using tilesets like the ones found on the charas website (

By: Marielle Lange
Terrain Editor
Use PerlinNoise combine with a paletteMap to generate realistic terrain data
Adapted from LandscapeMapEditor on wondefl (, released under a MIT license

By: Marielle Lange
Demonstrates how to parse tilesheets/chipsets like the ones found on the charas website (

By: Marielle Lange